Greenville Speech & Language

Our mission is to provide a quality experience that helps you and your loved ones develop functional skills in speech, language, and/or feeding.


Director of Therapy Services

Our Director of Therapy Services is Pat Little Soldier, MS-CCC/SLP. She has been providing treatment to infants through adults for over 30 years. She is committed to helping her patients progress to their highest achievement levels, in whatever area necessary. Her experience includes serving public schools, charter schools, nursing homes, rehabilitation and treatment centers for a wide spectrum of developmental, communication, and feeding disorders. She is licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners for Speech and Language, as well as nationally certified with the American Speech-Hearing Association. She is also Vital-Stim certified.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all individuals deserve love, attention, and nurturing. We believe that a safe environment allows our patients to explore and grow. At Greenville Speech & Language Therapy, PLLC we allow patients to have hands-on learning experiences that foster age appropriate development. We believe that positive reinforcement is important for individuals to develop self-esteem. Patients need an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning.

Most importantly, we believe every individual deserves to develop functional skills to their highest potential through professional and dedicated services.

At Greenville Speech & Language Therapy, PLLC we recognize that you have a difficult schedule and support families the best we can. We recognize the importance of work, and the stress and demands placed on individuals. We strive to make it easier and more convenient for families to schedule therapy services based on their needs, the best we can.

Lakota Ranch & The Little Soldiers

Little SoldiersArby and Pat Little Soldier were both born and raised in North Dakota.  Arby was the Superintendent for the Twin Buttes Indian School for 2 terms and was the first Native American that went to Washington, DC and met with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and was able to eliminate 2 middle men stops of Tribal money for Education, thereby securing the extra money for more and higher quality materials and teachers.

In addition, Arby has been sent to Washington, DC (by his tribe) and danced for 5 different Presidents. We were contracted by his tribe to provide 7 horses for the ND legislators (Governor, senators, etc) when the National Native American Museum opened as part of the Smithsonium Institute of Museums, and he, as well as his sister Brenda Hall Dvorak, danced for Pres. Bush in the Rotunda after the opening parade. Arby's life-size portrait is hanging in the Rotunda Building, as a Native American Traditional dancer from the Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation in Newtown, ND.

Arby Pat are North Dakota native residents, who went all through school in North Dakota.  Both of their fathers made historical impacts on the state's history. Pat's father, Mylan Carlson bought the original Harold Schafer Buffalo Ranch north of Bismarck, over 50 years ago and kept buffalo herds on it, until his death in 1978. Arby's father, Nathan Little Soldier, was Tribal Councilman for the Three Affiliated Tribes in Newtown, ND for 3 terms, before his death. Arby's mother, Rosella Little Soldier is 93 years old, and the eldest tribal member on the Ft. Berthhold Indian Reservation. Many of the senators, legislators, governors know Arby very well.

They now reside in Greenville, Texas where they raise a small herd of Buffalo and raise horses.